“I Like To Read And I Like To Write. I Hope You Enjoy Reading What I Write As Much As I Enjoy Writing What You’ll Read”

Notes and Books

Paper makes me happy. The knowledge that I posses a place to write on at any given time makes me feel safe and free. It gives me this feeling like none of my ideas will be forgotten because once I write them down they are concrete. It is the companion who lets you pour your heart out patiently. Annie...

A Jerrycan of Memories

A few days ago, I visited Mama Mwihaki (mum) and in her kitchen, there was this odd looking yellow jerrycan. For as long as I can remember, there has been a red one. Within reach. Right next to the kitchen sink.  It has been there for so long the kitchen seems incomplete without it. I always told her we did...

Secret Failures

    Sharing Circle. Hi Everyone, I'm Ruthy and I am a secret failure. Everyone: Hi Ruthy. There are things I have wanted to do with my life. Things I haven't told anyone save for a few times I've laughed them off like they are hilarious Jokes. See, I have been thinking that if no one knows I am failing then I am not...

A Green Leather Purse.

One thing every human needs to have is a place to hold their money and their cards. For men its a wallet and for feminine species a purse. At one point in my life I owned this beautiful green leather purse that my sister had bought me. I showed it off to everyone even my sister who had bought...

A walking Nation.

In Kenya, there are a few reasons for one to be overcharged when using the public service vehicles. Other than the widely accepted notion that you should pay more during peak hours, you will pay extra because it is raining, because it looks like it will rain, because it rained the previous day and because convection leads to rainfall....

My Heroes.

The year is 1995, the month is April. It is endmonth so there was probably a certain euphoria in the air that comes around salary time. One civil servant probably has the money eyes too as he goes to get his payslip. He schemes down to that  big number at the bottom and it just nearly touches the 3,800/=...

 A wasted day.

Its early in the morning. Your body is still sleeping but your mind is awake. You are thinking in between your dreams. You’re thinking of how empty your life feels. How you do nothing all day while your friends are up and down chasing their dreams. You’re wondering why you’re not chasing anything. You used to have a dream...

A letter to the world

    Dear world, I hope this letter finds you well, despite all the madness in you. I know I probably make for a certain percentage of that but you and I both know mad poles attract. So we both are here, each a little mad, and we have to coexist, at least for one lifetime. Thus my reason for writing to...
We all have one person in life that we love so much it makes no sense. This person is not rich, probably not smart and when you’re angry with him you can see just how ugly (s)he is. This person will screw you up a million times over but you believe there is a good person waiting to come...

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